Ever since I was little I have watched my Mum baking something, whether it be bread, biscuits, cakes or pastries whatever she turned her hand to she could make.  She makes a mean sourdough loaf let me tell you.

When my sister was pregnant with her second daughter she had the most epic craving for croissants so Mum decided to research up on how to make them.  Its quite a daunting thing when you haven’t really given them a go for so many years.  So we set about at the bench making one of our many batches of croissants and at the time we were using either James Martin’s or Paul Hollywood’s recipes.

The tricky thing about croissants is the laminating, the dough part is easy – its getting the butter into a perfect rectangle and making sure it is flat and cold enough so as not break through the dough.  These are all lessons we have learnt from making many many batches.

I was looking at Annie Smithers Instagram page the other day and she had written an article in The Saturday Paper about the new method that she had seen on Instagram from Adam – Grain and Hearth UK  so I had to check out both the article and the tutorial.  After watching Adam making his on his InstaStories I just had to give them a try.  He makes it look easier if you have an understanding of yeast baking.

Mum then put me onto another fabulous baker from Spain – this too was a game changer. All the little tips and tricks on how to have the temperature of the butter, the room and even the dough – he is a master to watch, especially how he rolls his dough and the crucial folds Gourmetier – Sylvain Vernay

Here in pictures are my very first attempt at making my own Croissants using Adam’s recipe and method.  I will report that I did forget to put the egg wash on the first tray of Croissants as I was in such a rush to get them into the oven to see all the layers.

I will be making these again as they were absolutely delish.








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