There are a few places that I hold very close to my heart and Bright and the Victorian High Country is one of them.  There is something about driving off the Hume Highway and driving down the tree lined Snow Road that makes everything just feel right.  The wide open paddocks filled with cattle, bails of hay and rows and rows of grape vines.

We have been holidaying in Bright for the last few years and every time we come back we find something more beautiful to explore.  After the horrific bushfires over summer just gone, we decided for my birthday weekend we would head up with an empty esky and support the community.

As we headed up, it was still very smokey but safe to travel.  The roads were really quiet and the atmosphere was very different from the other trips up.  As we drove through Myrtleford the locals were out as were all the emergency service personnel who were helping with the fire effort.

We got into Bright at lunch time and the only place for lunch is the fabulous Japanese cafe KATSU.  Large bowls of ramen noodles, miso soup, gyoza, sushi, okonomiyaki and sushimi plates.  You leave feeling very happy let me tell you

Crispy Chicken Udon Noodle Soup
Chilled Soba Noodle Salad
Pork Gyoza

Bright is such a beautiful little town filled with gorgeous boutiques, a very well stocked toy shop, bookshop, renowned restaurants, brewery, coffee roasters and gin distillery, florist, snow stores and an ice cream parlour.  Everywhere you look there is something beautiful, whether its the local Churches, tree lined streets that change in Autumn and Spring, the architecture and beautiful old weatherboard houses.

Visit Bright and Surrounds Tourism Site


Uniting Church Ireland Street Bright


As we decided to stay at the local BIG 4 caravan park everything is within walking distance, which is fantastic for a cheeky G&T.

Reed and Co Distillery

Reed and Co Distillery

Billy Button Wines

Billy Button Wines

Bright Splash Park


Mount Buffalo National Park
Mount Buffalo Chalet


The best coffee in the region is Sixpence Coffee

Sixpence Coffee

If you get a chance once the Pandemic has settled down, please consider packing the car up and head into this region.  The region will settle in your soul, you won’t want to go home.



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