There is something about a perfectly laid dining table that makes me happy.  It brings back memories of eating Sunday lunch at my Nanna’s and having dinner at home when I was growing up. My parents would have regular dinner parties with their friends and all the good crystal glasses, wedding cutlery and fresh linens would be ironed and laid perfectly on the table.  I have carried this tradition on since moving out of home, getting married and having a child.

Another passion of mine is collecting vintage china and linens.  I have a collection of old china cups that were my Nan’s that she kindly left me when she passed away.  My husbands Grandmother gave him all her wedding silverware from England which is so beautiful and delicate.  These items of the past when used bring back memories of meals or afternoon teas that we have shared with our families.

This is a tradition I have carried on with my son.  We sit together as a family each night for dinner at the table with the knives and forks laid out, whicker placemats that we brought on our honeymoon and glasses.  We sit with our meal and chat, share our stories and tell each other the highs and lows of the day.

In our fast paced lives these days eating dinner as a family that has slowly disappeared. If you are reading this I encourage you to sit together as a family tonight at the dining room or kitchen tables and have a conversation and catch up with each other over your dinner.  Enjoy each others company and a great meal.  Start a new tradition.


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