Sundays are always a day of food preparation for the week ahead in my kitchen. Cakes, slices or biscuits are on the menu for treats to take in lunch boxes, or to have with a cup of tea or a morning coffee.

My husband has a very sweet tooth and always requests this beautiful Custard Chiffon cake from Monday Morning Cooking Club first cookbook – the food, the stories, the sisterhood.

It is such a light and airy cake, that requires a some pre-preparation and a deep angel food pan. Once you master the recipe you will be making it again and again.

If you would like the recipe please have a look at the Monday Morning Cooking Club website.

Equipment you will need to make this glorious cake
1 bowl for egg yolks

1 bowl for egg whites

2 bowls for sifting

1x shifter

1 x jug for wet ingredients

Make sure that your eggs are at room temperature as this will ensure that they whip up really well.

Ensure that everything is set out on the bench ready to start as once you do, it’s a quick recipe.

The mixture is beautifully light and airy – ensuring a wonderful rise in the cake. The pan also isn’t greased, as this will help the mix stick to the sides of the cake tin and climb, much like a soufflé.

My trusty baking assistant – always ready to sample the mixture and lick the paddle.

Another baking tip – once the cake has baked, invert the cake immediately onto a bottle to ensure that it doesn’t collapse. Leave to cool completely.

The final cake – beautifully risen and golden. Dusted with icing sugar ready to be cut.

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