I have always been intrigued by these wonderful winter fruits and I am ashamed to say that I have never attempted to cook with them until today.  I was also inspired by a recent preserving cooking class I did with Annie Smithers, where she had made a beautiful quince jelly with hers.

I absolutely love poached fruits in winter with my porridge, yoghurt or even bircher muesli.  I only purchased one this time as my husband is currently overseas and its just me eating this week.  Trying to live by my principle of eating what you need I decided to poach this fantastic fruit.

First off I made a simple sugar syrup 1 part sugar to 2 parts water and added a vanilla pod.  I let this boil until the sugar dissolved while I peeled and cored the quince.  I sliced it into 8 pieces and placed into the syrup.


I then placed the saucepan into a 140c oven with a cover of baking paper and then foil for 6 hours.  Checking after 3 hours.  They came out looking all red, glossy and fantastic.  This recipe I will make again, this time I will use the poached fruit in a cake.


Looking forward to eating these tomorrow for breakfast with some 5am cinnamon and honey yoghurt – YUMMO!!!

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