I have been thinking of starting this blog for the last 12 months.  Its very cliché and current at the moment to say that “my passion is food”, but mine really is.  I am obsessed about food, great produce, where to get the best coffee and breakfasts.  Our holidays are planned around where the local farmers markets, cafe’s and coffee are.

I hope through this blog to explore great producers, restaurants, cafe’s and markets and share my thoughts and pictures.  This is my food diary to you, I hope you enjoy xx

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  1. Emma says:

    Congrats on starting Lauren! Love your first post too 🙂 I am only a few months ahead of you with my blogging but I am loving every minute of it. Emma x


    1. ldwsx says:

      Thanks Emma, I still need to pick your brain on how his works, it’s like walking in the dark but I’m excited


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